E veryone has their own reason, but for Jeffrey O'Neill and Laurence Vosti the path to the production of XTANT has been varied and circuitous.

Jeffrey O'Neill is the third generation of a winemaking family, and has been in the wine business for all of his adult life. Until recently, he was president and CEO of the fourth largest winemaker in the United States. Jeff is chairman Emeritus of the Wine Institute.

Laurence Vosti has had an interest in wine since attending school in the Bordeaux region of France. Along the way, in addition to his real estate development, he has owned a restaurant, a retail wine business and has been a collector of fine California and French wines for over 20 years. Larry is former President of the California Vintage Wine Society.



W inemaker Jeff Gaffner has spent over 20 years making quality wines, and his time spent with Chateau St. Jean's "Cinq Cepages" has much to do with his approach to winemaking. He is a firm believer in connecting with a vineyard and feels the most important thing a grower and winemaker can put in their vineyard is their shadow.

We select vineyard sites of the highest quality and within those sites, we select specific rows and spend time to evaluate the vines and fruit to best match our winemaking practices and maximize what we want from the wine. Knowing what journey the fruit took helps us decide what to do once it's at the winery.
By staying in touch with our vineyards, we have a better feel for when to pick. We never pick by the numbers; we pick based on vineyard and vine health and most importantly, by taste.
Our goal is to get the most out of the fruit without going too far.
We want a rich, concentrated elegant wine. We select the right vineyards and use the most delicate winemaking practices. We age our wines in tight-grained French Oak barrels for 30 months for a more elegant and rich extraction. - Jeff Gaffner